BioFalls® Filter

Aquascape professional-grade BioFalls® Filters provide surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize and remove excess nutrients from the water.

Pond Skimmer Filter

Aquascape's family of Skimmer Filters pre-filter the water and house the pump; while skimming debris from the water's surface, to prevent the accumulation of organic materials on the pond floor.

UltraKlean™ Pressurized Pond Filters

Efficiently traps dirt and debris and eliminates green water.

UltraKlean™ Pond Filter Kits

Take the guesswork out of selecting the correct pump and filtration combination for any new or existing pond.

Pond Filter Urn

Great add-on filtration for any size existing pond.

IonGen™ System G2

Drastically reduces pond maintenance by helping to control unsightly debris; without the use of liquid chemicals.

UltraKlear® UV Clarifier/Sterilizer

Effectively clears unsightly green (pea soup) water algae blooms in your pond.

Pondless® Waterfall Vault

Perfectly sized to meet the need of any Pondless® Waterfall or RainXchange® project.

Waterfall Spillway

A cost-effective solution to help create the starting point of a beautiful waterfall and stream.

Wetland Filter

Specifically designed to tackle any number of the common issues that plague large scale water features.


Don't let those leaves and debris lay in your pond and just sink to the bottom and give you're beautiful fish sores!!! These Water Circulators are great to cut down on the maintenance of you're pond, also more beneficial oxidation for you're whole ecosystem pond!!!